Charity Paired With Youtube

Unlike a good portion of stars that come from the Hollywood pool of affluent celebrities, there is something quite refreshing about online sensations that work their way up to achieve talent. Comparing these two levels of celebrity could not only be more drastically different within the spectrum of fame. Although these two different types of celebrity interact with their fan base on digital or social media platforms, it is an interesting trend that youtube celebrities have the tendency to socially engage their fans in a more intimate way. On the other hand, Hollywood celebrities are more inclined to maintain social relations with fans, but can sometimes engage them at arm’s length which intentionally creates a level of emotional distance.

Nonprofit organizations and other charitable causes heavily depend on financial resources to not only fund their national or multinational campaign, but also the voice of an influential celebrity who in essence, possesses the ability to fundamentally change the nature of the cause. As many of the present day Youtube sensations come from modest households, it is commonly seen that these online celebrities are more willing to promote or engage in philanthropy. In regards to cultivating a massive, loyal following for a specific cause or charity, it is evident that Youtube sensations have the potential of replacing Hollywood celebrities as the main forefront for generating a following for a cause.

youtube charity

Moreover, pairing the needs of digital influencers and brands alike, the organization called Reelio Cares has been examining the needs of both parties as a means to create a symbiotic partnership between the functioning entities. Ava Kelly, the manager of Reelio Cares, points out some key highlights that her organization has accomplished in regards to this innovative way of combining the power of youtube celebrity and charity in order to complete the goal of helping those less fortunate.

Ava Kelly offers some insight of this trend that could redefine the way we generate philanthropic engagement by stating, “It’s been a great learning experience so far,” “Seeing how far behind the non-profits were when it came to [influencer] marketing and working with digital influencers to educate them about working with non-profits, that’s probably been where a lot of my time has been spent. These digital influencers are very different than Hollywood celebrities.”

Reelio Cares has mastered the art of finding charities’ digital equivalent with YouTubers such as DigDeep, which supports the notion of clean water for every human. The success of this campaign resulted in three youtubers generating social media buzz when they decided to live on no more than four liters of water for a single day. Along with hitting around 1.1 million subscribers, the campaign generated a 9.9 engagement rate which is more than twice the average rate of a branded campaign of this nature.

It is safe to say that charitable bodies can benefit from this advantageous partnership which marries the influencers of Youtube digital entertainment to philanthropy. Check out Forbes’ article that delves deeper into charity and the digital world.


Microsoft’s New Philanthropic Arm

As the digital age reaches more people both domestically and on a global scale, there is sometimes a discrepancy in terms of who can access information through different forms of technology. With the wave of corporate citizenship becoming increasingly popular for both companies and consumers alike, corporations across all industries are constantly reinventing their philanthropic branches themselves in order to demonstrate their commitment to their respective charities.

Microsoft’s new philanthropic arm called “Microsoft Philanthropies” will focus on helping individuals globally. Similar to other tech companies based out of Silicon Valley in California, Microsoft has taken the initiative to further engage and improve their charitable causes in an effort to spread technology to more users globally.

A veteran philanthropically affiliated tech company, Microsoft has participated in charitable causes around the world. In the last year alone, Microsoft in-kind donations of totaled up to around $950 million and nearly $120 million in cash donations. Although there is no question that Microsoft generates tech products rooted in digital advancement, there is a strong discourse throughout Microsoft that calls for advancement in all facets of the company, including charity.

Amidst talk that focuses on the efficiency of the great tech products, Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer, feels strongly about constantly improving how his company will further undertake the heavy task of philanthropy in the digital age. It is clear that Microsoft intends to take it upon themselves to lessen the digital divide. Smith states that “Great technology alone is not enough,” and “Despite global expansion, increased access, and democratization of technology, the benefits of technology are not yet reaching everyone in the world.”

microsoft philanthropy

In the hopes of aiding students, the primary focus of Microsoft Philanthropies will be to extend various partnerships and programs to assist STEM related education in developing nations. In this sense, Microsoft will work directly with the local and national governments of certain developing countries in order to holistically guide students in the science, tech, engineering and mathematic fields to reach both their educational and career aspirations.

This charitable organization will also report its ongoing progress to Mary Snapp, Microsoft’s first female attorney in the company’s history. For more information about Microsoft’s new philanthropic organization, please check out the link here.