Clear the Shelters

NBC New York has reported an important initiative called “Clear the Shelters” scheduled to take place next week on Saturday, August 15. The mission of the initiative is simple as they are hoping to spur adoptions for innocent animals from the crowded animal shelters in the tri-state area. Organizers ideally want to pair every animal with a perfect human match.

Clear the Shelters - John PartillaResearch has shown that less than a gift of all people adopting a new pet choose to do so via an animal shelter. This number is quite alarming. Furthermore, adoption from animal shelters is even more important during the summer months due to an increase in population after spring births. Many animal shelters in the New York City area have already committed to the initiative taking place next Saturday. To find a complete list and a shelter near you, visit this page hosted by NBC New York. However, this isn’t only a local event. Thousands of shelters and hopefully millions of people will be participating in the event.

Around 7 million of the 150 million dogs and cats in the United States, unfortunately, end up animal across the nation each year. Estimates from the Humane Society put this number as high as 8 million. Most alarmingly, their data shows that five million of these cats and dogs are euthanized every year. It used to be far higher, however, as upwards of a quarter of these animals were subject to euthanasia not too long ago. Animal Shelters have sprung across the nation to help drive this number down. These shelters hope to provide this animal a loving and long-term home. While these shelters may vary in size and geography, they almost universally are welcome and depend on volunteers. Don’t be afraid to donate your time or resources to helping this great cause.